Meet the Captain


Meet the Pirate Captain


R.A. Martinez loves to bring joy to children in any way he can. He dedicates his life to volunteering with hospitals, libraries, schools, and many other community organizations. After more than a decade of volunteering as a pirate and reading other authors’ works, he embarked on his own adventure and began writing children’s books. His mission is to restore reading and using the imagination in all of humankind. To inspire parents, to empower children, and to remind the world, nothing is impossible.

His Mantra: Change the World One Book at a Time.

He has two more books upcoming in this series, Pirates, We Be!!! and Pirates, We Arrrr!!! Along with a Christmas inspired story titled The Legend of Nick Klaus. With plenty other charming stories in the works. When R.A. is not writing or volunteering, he enjoys life at home with his family, friends, and his fur babies. Also, make sure to look for my Christmas book coming out in fall 2019.